Gait analysis

A deviating gait cycle is an important factor of injuries and complaints. The body exists of multiple joints, which need to cooperate in the most optimal way to get and keep you pain free. As a podiatrist we often see small deviations by rolling of the foot, which has a direct consequence on the mechanisms of the ankles, knees and hips during walking or running. Within Podotherapie Sharon Beld we specialize in the biomechanics of your gait cycle. With this information we take care of a customized treatment plan. In this way we prevent you from possible injuries and treat existing problems.

If you have complaints when walking the dogs on the beach; your weekly running lap or your pro athlete program, within Podotherapie Sharon Beld we use gait analysis with advanced equipment to get insight in the cause of the problem. We are the only podiatry practice in Amsterdam who is using this advanced equipment. 
Treatments sometimes will be covered within some additional health insurances. 

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Run 3D gait analysis

The Run 3D is a marker tracking system. Sensors are installed on the body to measure the angles of the pelvis, hips, knees and ankles at different running speeds. The data will be compared with scientific standard data, which correlates to optimal running motion. In this way we get a highly accurate picture of your running gait, so we can treat very precisely and efficiently. In addition, we are also able to enhance performance or prevent injuries in the future.

The benefits of the Run 3D: 

  • Because of the isolated measurements, the most important joints during running will be shown. Therefore a highly detailed picture of your gait arises. 
  • Your measurement will be compared with researched standard norm data so you can optimize your gait in detail during different speeds. 
  • Due to the measurements of ankles, knees, hips and pelvis, a total view of the gait exists. In this way we can analyze the biomechanics of the body. Therefore Run 3D is unique. 
  • The Run 3D can be used as prevention for complaints but also to enhance performance to get the best out of your gait cycle. 
  • Compensation mechanisms will be shown, which helps us to treat the cause of the problem efficiently. 

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