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Podotherapie Beld

Optimal movement starts at the base

Feet are the core of our movements. Complaints of the back, hip, knee or feet itself often originate from an abnormal posture or function of the foot. In our practice we do everything we can to create an optimal function of your body to enable your personal goals. It does not matter if you are a pro athlete, (recreational) runner or hiker. We offer you the best care you can get to maintain your active lifestyle



By examining the way you move we get a lot of insight to the cause of (future) problems.

We create a personal treatment plan, with the intention to keep you as active as possible. The starting point is to reoptimize the foot function.

Many problems in the back, hip, knee and foot can be prevented by creating an optimal function of the foot and lower leg.



Running performance under fatigue: risks and learnings

Keep your head cool and your feet healthy: how to prevent common foot complaints in summer

Slipper season: do's & don'ts.

Our Specialists

Sharon Beld

Sports and manual podiatrist

Sharon enjoys the challenge of distinguishing between cause and effect of the complaints, so she can optimize her treatment plan to come to the right solution. Because of her own background, (pro)sports has her interest. She knows the value of multidisciplinary cooperation and likes to work in a team.

Myrthe Beld

Sports and manual podiatrist

She uses her own experience as motivation to treat patients (also preventatively) to accomplish the maximal result. This can vary from coming back to top sports, or become pain free in everyday life. 

Mark Lemm

Manual register podiatrist

Mark assesses your complaints holistically, wherefore an active and thorough treatment plan can be made.  

Bram van Waes

Sports and manual podiatrist

Bram thinks it is important that his clients feel comfortable and understand what he is doing. He therefore likes to take the time to explain where certain complaints can come from and what treatment plan works best. 

Delaila Amega

Podiatrist in training

Due to her numerous injuries in the lower extremities, Delaila can empathise with what complaints and/or pain can do to a person. Ensuring that clients feel heard and involved in decisions about the most appropriate treatment plan is central to her.

Simone Wingender

Sports Scientist, Run3D analyst

Simone has always been interested in the human body. Especially the functioning of muscles and how this leads to a certain movement pattern. 

Angelique Wakker

Sports and medical pedicure

In 2012 Angelique started the education to become a pedicure and established her practice right away. Straight after the basic education Angelique continued the education of medical pedicure. She treats at-risk groups as; diabetes and rheumatism patients. 

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