Pedicures are helping people with taking care of their feet, but they also treat skin and nail pathologies. The medical pedicure also treats more specific problems, like the treatment of at-risk feet as a result of a disease. By this we mean problems because of rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, spasticity and oncology. Other causes of having a higher risk on complications can be old age or neglect. Next to this, the medical pedicure has a lot of knowledge and experience in orthotics, nail regulation, nail reparation and anti pressure techniques. 

Sport pedicures are treating athletes who have problems on skin and nails, but also athletes who want to have foot care prevention advice, based on their kind of sports. The sport pedicure can make an analysis of de load on the feet, skin and nails in different kinds of sports. She can give the treatment, make a treatment plan and give good advice. 

Our medical- and sport pedicure Angelique, works according to the established guidelines. She knows when she needs to forward the client to another discipline (for example podiatrist, sports doctor, physiotherapist, etc.). Also Angelique is registered in the Quality Register of Pedicure and she is a member of Provoet.