Podiatrist treat problems while focusing on the feet. Feet are the base of the human body. An abnormal position or deviating function of the feet can be the cause of problems in ankles, knees, hips, pelvis or back.
Our goal is to get you pain free as soon as possible and to let you move in the most optimal way. To achieve this, we are not only looking at the physical complaints, but we also want to help in the prevention of problems. We do this by analyzing your way of moving and to adjust the possible deviations we find. Everything based on a treatment plan prepared by us. 

Our working method is threefold:
Examination - Treatment - Prevention


You can contact us if you are experiencing any problems in the back, hip, knee or ankle. We work together with different specialists; physiotherapist and doctors, to provide you the right care as soon as possible. During our treatments we do not only focus on the feet, but we treat the whole lower limb. In this way we can find a long-term remedy to treat deviations not only quickly, but long lasting. 

Our treatments:

When you have an additional inscurance, the most healthinsurances will cover the treatment. Click here for the compensation of the healthinsurances and our prices.