Extra pair of orthotics (within 3 months)Compensation insurance
At Podotherapie Sharon Beld we work with fixed prices. In some cases the treatments will be coverd by the insurance, this depands on the kind of additional insurance you have. To see if you have any compensation from your insurance click here. For the compensations of podology click here
We work with a factoringcompany Infomedics. They will send the invoice to your mail or home address. You need to pay the invoice to Infomedics, you can send the original invoice to the health insurance. When your additional insurance covers podiatry or podology the insurance will transfer the money to your bankaccount. If there are any problems with payment of the invoice, please contact Infomedics: 0900 404 94 04.


First appointment 99,50
Check-up appointment 55,00
Yearly check-up 66,00
Orthotics 145,00
Sport block  (+15,00)
Extra pair of orthotics (within 3 months) 125,00
First appointment + orthotics + check-up 299,50
Yearly check-up + orthotics 211,00
FITS slipper 239,00
WAWAE slipper 249,00
Run 3D Silver:
- 3D analysis (60 min) 
- Explanation treatment plan (15 min)
Run 3D Gold 
- 3D analysis (60 min) 
- Strength- and mobility tests (30 min) 
- Explanation treatment plan (15 min) 
Gait retraining 1 session (40 min)  80,00
Gait retraining 5 sessions (5x 40 min) 375,00
Pedicure treatment 49.00